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"Here, the whole 'man' gets to grow- the physical, the spiritual, the emotional, the confidence and the morals..."    

-Aundria Edwards, grandparent


We seek to offer quality education to the families of Sevier and surrounding counties in Southwest Arkansas. Learn more about our vision, history and what makes us tick.

We offer classical, Christ-centered education to all our students, from Pre-K to 12th grade. Learn more about our school's academic philosophy and curriculum.

Interested in enrolling your child at Legacy Academy? Learn more about tuition, the admissions process and how you can be part of the Legacy Academy family.

We seek to offer the complete school experience to all our students. This means we offer many extracurricular activities, from sports teams to fine arts opportunities.

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Excellence in Classical, Christ-Centered Education

Legacy Academy understands that

parents' greatest treasure is their

children. We are committed to creating

a school that is Christ-centered. This

mission is accomplished through teaching

students Biblical values that produce

faith-centered lives anchoring them in

adulthood. We are also strongly

committed to excellence in education.

Rigorous academics challenge every

student to excel. A safe environment

that is distraction free, bullying-free,

and drama free helps nurture each life.

It's a quality-learning environment that

goes far beyond an academic

experience. We also seek to build a

healthy culture full of fun, love, and confidence for each student. A Legacy student must be drawn by a clear picture of a preferred future. To build this, we rely upon time-tested principles, values, and methods.


Legacy Academy is built upon a value-based system of education and development as outlined by the Bible--the inerrant Word of God. The 21st century may present a modern culture that is complex and confused, but our values are ancient, time-tested and secure. The more volatile the culture becomes, the more important it is that we build a generation that is upright, stable, properly educated and well-grounded in the faith.  In addition to academic excellence, we aim to develop students of integrity, character, and confidence who are aware of their individual purpose, worth, and societal responsibility. Legacy students will emerge well prepared and thoroughly equipped for any mandate or purpose that may be upon their individual lives.

Every child is uniquely valuable and made in God's image. Legacy focuses on the development of each child as a special individual. Students will be developed in an environment that focuses on academics, spiritual life, social, skills, as well as physical development. Education is a tool for human development, not an end unto itself. 

As a classical Christian school, Legacy Academy utilizes the classical approach in academics. This means teaching part to whole, and moving students through three major stages of learning known as the Trivium. These stages: grammar, logic, and rhetoric equip students with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. 

Legacy Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, AdvanceEd Accrediting, the Arkansas Association of Christian Schools, Heartland Christian Schools Athletic Association, and is a participating school in the Arkansas Department of Education's Succeed Scholarship Program.

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