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LA Update Week on 2/15/21

Pee Wee Practice Cancelled, 2/14/21 Sunday

All Pee Wee practices canceled.

No School on Monday, 2/16/2021

There is no school on Monday in honor of President's Day. No basketball practices on Monday either.

Weather Watch

We will keep a close eye on the weather this week to determine if any day merits being closed. Since Legacy does not run bus routes, we do not have some of the same risks the public schools face. We will make the decision based on whether or not it seems most families could easily and safely get their students to school.

Pee Wee Basketball--Games v Dierks, Tuesday 5 pm at HOME

Unless canceled by weather, all four peewee teams will play Dierks on Tuesday at 5 pm at HOME.

Senior Basketball Tournament

Both the Senior Warriors and Lady Warriors are set to play in the state tournament on Thursday. The boys play at 2 pm and the girls at 6:30 pm. This will largely be determined by the weather and we will keep everyone posted.

School Pictures

Retakes for school pictures for those who were absent will happen this Wednesday.

Athletic pictures will be taken this Wednesday, as well.

Late order forms from school pictures will be accepted Tuesday in the office.

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