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LA News - End of the Year

Reflection on the Year

Another Legacy Academy's year has come to an end, and we can only give thanks to God for continuing to sustain and bless our school, as we see it grow and continue as something Joyfully Different!

This was a year of firsts: the first time we have had students in every grade from Pre-K to 12th Grade; we held our first Homecoming in December, celebrating with their moms the true, inner beauty of our high school ladies; we had our first formal dance, with our high schoolers learning to ballroom dance; and we culminated by graduating our second ever class, including our first female graduates! Each of these were major highlights of the year with many more momentous occasions to mark the journey of our school.

The school was founded by the speaking of God, calling Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher to this endeavor so many years ago and it is only because of God's continued faithfulness and provision that we are still here today moving from strength to strength. As God keeps leading us, He is expanding our school in many ways, but the best thing He does for us is the day-by-day growth and maturing of our students - your children - more and more into the image of Christ. Everything that we do at Legacy is always with that goal and purpose firmly fixed in our minds.

This has led us to deliberately do things differently than we see elsewhere in the education because in order to achieve something different, we have to do something different. Whether that be in the strong academic program we offer, our summer basketball program, our formal events like Spring Formal, or our fun events like Water Day, we are joyfully different!

We want to express our thanks to you, the families and parents of our students, who have given us the opportunity to teach your children. We know that the greatest treasure we have is our children, and it is our privilege and solemn responsibility to do our utmost to train them in the way that they should go, so that when they are old they will never depart from their commitment to follow the Lord. Without each of you choosing Legacy Academy and making the sacrifice of finance, time, and commitment, we would not be able to have such a wonderful school, and therefore we are deeply honored that you have joined us here.

Thank you one and all.

Onwards in Him!


We had a beautiful night the final Friday of May at our second ever commencement, celebrating the graduating class of 2022. It was a joy to celebrate and honor their personal and academic journeys at Legacy Academy. Together, we honored their personal growth, their academic successes, their athletic achievements, and most importantly the maturity that they have shown in their personal walks with Christ.

The day-long celebration included seniors sharing words of wisdom and memories with the entire student body earlier in the day. Congratulations, seniors!

Basketball Camps

Otter Basketball Camp is in full swing and our players are working so hard! Thank you so much for the broad support and participation. Jason Otter is nationally recognized as an elite trainer and developer. It was a big score for us to get him to Lockesburg, but an important step in building a first class program.

We will also have four weeks this summer of our own camps--which will include a lot of fundamental work, along with some fun games, and activities for our campers. Any students attending the Otter camp can also attend our own four weeks of camp for FREE. All students who want to attend those but did not attend Otter Camp will need to pay the charge of $20 per week, which covers all costs and includes lunch.

Each week this is the schedule:

730am-12pm for entering 3rd-6th graders

1230pm-5pm for entering 7th-9th graders

WEEK 1: June 20-23 M-Th

WEEK 2: June 27-30 M-Th

WEEK 3: July 18-21 M-Th

WEEK 4: July 25-28 M-Th

Register using this form:

Summer Basketball Team Practices:

Each month we will release the schedule for the boys and girls junior high/senior high teams. All team members must attend or make arrangements in advance with the coaches in advance of missing. Here's the schedule:

Summer Academics

A summer program will be offered to help students in need of additional academic support. For some students this is a packet with instructions. It is very important that students do the summer packet. Parents please let teachers know if you need help or further guidance. For other students, the summer program will offer in person tutoring and assistance. For some, this will be optional, for others it will be required. Details on this will be sent out to parents by the end of this week.

Philanthropic Scholarships Available

There are new full tuition scholarships available through a new program managed by The Reform Alliance. The scholarship is income-based and dependent upon the size of your household.

Your student will be eligible for this new scholarship if your family/household income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines and EITHER you are enrolling in Kindergarten this year, a student moving from public to private school, OR you received an educational scholarship at another private school in the year 2021-2022.

Students who receive ACE or Succeed scholarships are unable to receive the Philanthropic scholarship and Philanthropic at the same time.

Applications are not yet open for this scholarship. Sign up here to be alerted when applications open. Read more information on their website.

Campus Needs & Service Hours

Our school always has little maintenance needs that crop up and need attending to and the summer affords us the best chance to improve our campus and to make any running repairs that might have built up. In addition, it is the best time for us to give the campus upgrades and facelifts. There will be a whole range of tasks that need doing - mowing, weed-eating, painting, repairing furniture, installing new items - and we will only be able to get this done with your help!

If you are able to offer time over the summer, please let Mrs. McCleskey know - - and she will let you know when and where! Additionally, please be on the lookout for some whole school work days, when we will all come together to work on larger projects.

Students entering 9th grade and up will also be able to use these times to earn their on-campus service hours. Talk with Mrs. McCleskey for any further details.


We are in need of new teachers to join our team - particularly at the high school level in math and science. Parents, families, if you know of people who would be additions to our school and who would be able to serve the vision of Legacy Academy, have them contact us via our website or by emailing

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