Coronavirus Update--School still in Session

Legacy Academy is closely monitoring the public health situation with the Coronavirus. Large public events are being cancelled in order to stop the potential spread of the virus. In some places, schools are being canceled. Arkansas is closing schools on a case by case determination. Some schools that have connections to a confirmed case have closed. Others are staying open. At this point, Legacy Academy will continue to hold classes on campus according to our school schedule. We have a smaller student body and a greater limitation for exposure. We will take extra precautions to sanitize and disinfect the campus. We also urge all of our students and their families to take extra care to wash hands, use germ-x, and disinfectant.

Our staff met today and began making contingency plans for how we will conduct class, especially for our Upper Level students if a point in the future deems that classes on campus should be cancelled. Securing internet access and a device (preferably a laptop or tablet and not just a phone) to connect to the internet for Upper Level students is a step you can take as a parent, in case that were to happen.

We will closely monitor the situation day by day. We will neither fear the worst, nor will we take unnecessary risks. At this time, we do not believe there is a great enough risk for us to cancel school. We will continue to pray, listen to experts, and monitor actions and public health activities. We will keep all of you posted daily on any updates.

Above all, let's all remember that our hope and trust is in the Lord. He is our safety and our shelter. He is our guide and our trust is in Him. Let's use this day of crisis in the earth to demonstrate the power, stability, wisdom, and beauty of our faith in Christ.


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